Who Are We?

Kelly Rogers

Hello wellness and hello world!!

I first started my wellness journey over 10 years ago when I discovered that what I cleaned my house with was making me sick! I had no idea that being stuffy, sneezing and blowing at least 20 minutes per day and having headaches for a week after I cleaned the bathroom was actually due to toxic and caustic chemicals in products I used every day!  It upset me that so many others were suffering as well, and they didn’t know the cause of their own struggles.  I wanted to educate others about the harmful products on grocery store shelves and let them know they have options!

Switching stores to a brand I can trust that is natural and does NOT contain toxic ingredients breathed new life into me.  It has consistently helped me feel better, and helped my family be healthier as well! We’ve gone green and we will never go back, but what is even more exciting is helping others do the same.  Helping others with Asthma go off their inhalers or children with eczema stop bleeding and play happily is what makes me happiest in life.


I became very ill 3 years after having thyroid cancer and a total thyroidectomy. You would think having cancer was pretty bad, however, that was the least of my problems.  
I kept getting sicker after I was cancer free and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, and an Irregular Heartbeat. I had a cardiologist say, “Don’t worry, you’re not going to have a heart attack, your heart will just wear out.”  Like that was suppose to be good news or something. 
I was fatigued from a heart that beat 13,000 extra beats a day, malnutrition, pain, spiking glucose and a multitude of other symptoms.  When I could work, I couldn’t work more that 4 hours a day, Jim had to help me dress, I walked with a cane and took 12 advil a day to function so I would not be screaming in pain. So much Advil in fact, that it came to the point of nearly destroying my liver. 
Today, I am pain free, normal blood glucose, lost 45lbs. (yes malnutrition can make you fat, not just skinny), my heart beats regularly and I can work 16 hour days when I want to!
Am I passionate about getting better and sharing how with others? You will see as you follow my posts and how I did it! 
I want to tell you one word that was given to me, and now I pass it along to you – Hope.